Rethinking “Laudato si”: International seminar on Science and Religion cooperation for Environmental Care (ISSREC)
20-21 June, 2016  |  Torreciudad Shrine (located in the Pyrenees of Huesca, Spain)

«The majority of people living on our planet profess to be believers. This should spur religions to dialogue among themselves for the sake of protecting nature, defending the poor, and building networks of respect and fraternity. Dialogue among the various sciences is likewise needed, since each can tend to become enclosed in its own language, while specialization leads to a certain isolation and the absolutization of its own field of knowledge. This prevents us from confronting environmental problems effectively (…) The gravity of the ecological crisis demands that we all look to the common good, embarking on a path of dialogue which demands patience, self-discipline and generosity, always keeping in mind that “realities are greater than ideas”»
(Pope Francis, Laudato si, n. 201)

Rethinking Laudato si’

This international seminar, jointly organized by the Environmental Ethics chair of University of Alcalá, the “Tatiana Perez de Guzman el Bueno” Foundation and the “Foundation Social Promotion of Culture”, aims to analyze new ways of promoting the collaboration between major Science and Religion for environmental conservation.
The seminar will be centred on the Pope Francis’s encyclical Laudato si, and the opportunities it opens to foster collaboration of world major religious traditions to mitigate environmental problems. The small number of invitees should facilitate the informal and friendly dialogue between participants. No external public will attend the meeting, although some activities for media or external participants may be organized before or after the meeting. If possible, a joint declaration will be released as a result of the meeting, emphasizing the relevance of cooperation between Science and Religion to promote environmental care.

Language: All discussions and presentations will be done in English.

Environmental care: The seminar will be hosted by a Catholic Shrine ( that is undertaking a process of environmental conversion as a result of the Laudato si encyclical.

Travels, food, accommodation and supplies will be organized as to minimize the ecological footprint of the event.



Thomas Stocker
Anny Cazenave
Josef Settele
Peter Raven
Emilio Chuvieco
Hilary Marlow
Sigurd Bergmann
Celia Deane-Drummond
Josep María Mallarach
Nanditha Krishna
Wael Farouk
Bishop Marcelo Sánchez
Rabbi Yonatan Neril
Swamini Umananda
Father Lluc Torcal
Petar Gramatikov
Chimey Lhatso


Download the provisional Programme of the seminar.

Download Programme


This declaration is the result of the working discussions at the International Seminar on Science and Religion cooperation for Environmental Care (, inspired by the Pope Francis Encyclical Laudato si’. The seminar was attended by a group of environmental scientists, theologians, and religious leaders of major spiritual traditions. We open this declaration to everyone that recognizes the extent of environmental problems and appreciates the need to promote a greater cooperation between the sciences and major religious and spiritual traditions towards solving these problems.



Científicos internacionales y líderes religiosos de todo el mundo acuerdan una Declaración sobre la protección del Medio Ambiente

En la imagen: Thomas Stocker, Coordinador del grupo sobre Bases Físicas del cambio climático del último informe del Panel Intergubernamental sobre Cambio Climático (IPCC) de la ONU; Anny Cazenave, autora principal de los informes

Thomas Stocker: “Los líderes religiosos deben conocer y hablar del cambio climático porque es fundamental para nuestra supervivencia”

Hoy está teniendo lugar la última jornada del Seminario Internacional de Ciencia y Religiones por el Medio Ambiente (ISSREC), que reúne a científicos y líderes religiosos de 15 países y 8 confesiones religiosas para dialogar

Mons. Sánchez Sorondo: “El diálogo interreligioso debe pasar a la acción común para conservar el medio ambiente”

Se ha inaugurado esta mañana el Seminario Internacional de Ciencia y Religiones por el Medio Ambiente (ISSREC), que reúne a científicos y líderes religiosos de 15 países y 8 confesiones religiosas para dialogar sobre cómo

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